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IMPORTANT! Social Media Advice


We have recently been investigating indecent images of students being posted to a Snapchat account called Luton Bait Outs.  This account has now been deleted but we understand it regularly reappears.  In a number of instances the pictures have been downloaded from a search engine with a student’s name attached.  Other pictures are of actual students – again with other students’ names attached.  The intention is to embarrass and humiliate students.  These accounts are being used/viewed by students from all the Luton Schools and the police are aware.  The police know that this sort of thing is a national problem but the law is that students must not pass these images on to anyone via screen shots etc. They cannot help receiving them but It is illegal to distribute indecent images of children regardless of the age of the person who is distributing them.  We will be reminding students how to keep themselves safe in our upcoming Safeguarding assemblies but meanwhile please check your child’s phone regularly.  We meet with the police school’s liaison officer every month to share information with them, and with the other Luton schools, so let us know if you become aware of any social media sites/groups that you are concerned about.  

NB: If you are the named person to whom the phone contract is registered then you will be the person the police investigate if indecent images are sent from that phone.