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A good education for students including their personal development & academic achievement. Ofsted 2013


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Cardinal Newman School is one of three schools within the St Alban Catholic Academies Trust (SACAT).  In this section of the school website you will find:

  1. The structure of the Trust
  2. The members of the Local Governing Body (LGB), their role and details of their business interests
  3. The members of the St Alban Catholic Academies Trust, their role and details of their business interest
  4. Further statutory information


St Alban Catholic Academies Trust (SACAT)
Governance structure and arrangements

The Board of Directors

The Directors empower the Local Governing Body for each school to scrutinise, support and challenge the work of each school.  They achieve this in three ways:

  1. The Board oversees all areas of school operations that must be generic across the Trust (e.g. Pay, Appraisal, Financial regularity).  They do this through the work of the Finance Committee which monitors and reports on school operations. This frees each LGB to look more closely at individual school performance. Each LGB sets it’s own school budget and decides on the use of the school’s Dedicated Schools Grant.
  2. The Board of Directors  supports, challenges and monitors the effectiveness of each Local Governing Body  and so monitor their effectiveness.  The Board of Directors commissions and receives executive summaries on school performance from each school over the course of the academic year to monitor performance.  Many of these reports will be completed with the support of an independent external professional body / person to ensure that Representatives and Directors have a reliable overview of school performance (e.g. Aspire data analysis, SEND audit; H&S audit; CEIAG audit; Safeguarding audit). To facilitate easy analysis from school to school, the Trust will seek to adopt standardised reporting proformas wherever possible.
  3. The Board of Directors retains a proportion of the Education Services Grant each year to ensure the Trust has the capacity to respond to areas of emerging concern in any one of the schools across the Trust.  This includes commissioning professional support when required.

The Local Governing Body

The LGB acts on behalf of the Trust to scrutinise the performance of their school.  The work of the LGB is supported by a Strategy Committee that reports directly to the LGB.   The Strategy Committee is the forum for Governor and Director training and also provides a forum for Representatives and Directors to work together.

Seeking an independent voice to support quality governance:

The LGB draws on reports commissioned for the Trust and makes use of professional analysis carried out by independent persons / organisations.  This is intended to add capacity, skill and experience to the work of the Local Governing Body and maintains independence and objectivity.


The members of your Local Governing Body - Business Interests
SUMMARY  – All LGB representatives over last 12 month period

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The members of your Local Governing Body – Roles and Responsibilities
(Key: D = Director; F = Foundation; HT = Head; P = Parent; S = Staff; O = Other)

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The members of the St Alban Catholic Academies Trust – Business Interests
SUMMARY  – All Directors over the last 12 month period

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The members of the St Alban Catholic Academies Trust - Roles and Responsibilities

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Further Statutory Information

Every Academy is required to publish the documents found below. 
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  1. SACAT - Meeting Dates 2016-17
  2. 1. Articles of Association_35914_00001_Constitution
  3. 2. Memorandum of Association_35914_00001_Copy of Memorandum
  4. 3. Master Funding Agreement - St _35914_00001_Master Funding Agreement - St Albans Catholic Academies Trust
  5. 4.1. SFA - Cardinal Newman_35914_00001_SFA - Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School
  6. 5.1. Church Supplemental Agreement _35914_00001_Church Supplemental Agreement - Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School
  7. 6.1. CTA - Cardinal Newman _35914_00001_Complete Cardinal Newman CTA
  8. SACAT LGB Attendance Register
  9. SACAT Director Attendance Register
  10. St Alban Catholic Academies Trust - 09660515 - 1516 End of Year Accounts
  11. Trust Equality Policy Nov 2016 v1.0