Remote Learning

Remote Learning Plan

*Subject areas will supplement learning packs and assignments set on Teams with a range of web-based resource sites. These will include educational subscription tools, knowledge based and bespoke assessment platforms, podcasts, YouTube videos and self-assessment tools. 

**Students will receive feedback via Rubrics on Teams, feedback on the returned assignments section, quizzes on forms which are marked immediately and various other forms of self-assessment. 

***The tasks set will be a mixture of recall, research and extended writing tasks. Teachers will give full and detailed instructions on how to upload work and clear deadlines will be set.  

Modern Foreign Languages

Kerboodle (digital book + worksheets + interactive activities) 

Quizlet (vocabulary + spelling learning) 

Kahoot (interactive quiz) 

Seneca(topical revision) 

BBC bitesize (topical revision)


Hegarty Maths

There are several reasons the Hegarty Maths resource works as the best Maths revision aid on the market today. It revises every single topic just like a teacher would, at the board. Every clip has real exam questions for students to do - because we all know that to be good at Maths, a student has to do it, not just watch it.

Maths Genie

Maths Genie is a free GCSE and A Level Maths revision guide and resource bank for students and teachers. The revision resources include revision notes and video explanations of GCSE and A Level topics. Exam questions and model answers for GCSE Maths and A Level Maths are organised by topic and as full exam papers. 

Corbett Maths 

Videos, practise questions, maths mistakes, conundrums, and of the course world famous 5-a-day. What a website!

Mr Barton Maths

Phenomenal stuff! Things to remember, questions to answer and useful websites for support. Answers are also included.

GCSE Maths Papers

Free GCSE Maths Foundation & Higher Exam Papers, GCSE Maths Past exam Papers.

Practice Papers · Practice Questions

Just Maths

Here you will find some fantastic resources which are constantly being updated.

Pearson Edexcel Exam Resources

Exam paper, resources and information relating to the new GCSE Maths specification from Pearson Edexcel




Literacy Planet



Year 11 – Tassomai

Revision World: Past Papers and Mark Schemes

Revision Resources: Get Revising!

English Language Papers Walkthroughs

BBC Bitesize

Mr Bruff’s YouTube Tutorials


English and Media Centre Online

The British Library

Google Scholar

Media Studies 

The majority of our online learning in media is done via Teams.





This is a revision resource where teachers can set quizes to check students understanding and knowledge of different topics.  There are also some revision slides for some topics (mainly GCSE) 

Each student has their own unique username that is given to them by their teacher – all students from year 8-11 have already had this (unless they are new) 

Year 7 and new students will be given it soon – the lists are still being uploaded by Educake and this is taking a little bit of time. 

Collins Connect

This is our online text book platform, where students of all year groups can access the on line text books they are using for their course. 

There are two books for KS3 and 3 books for Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE, there are different GCSE books if you are doing triple Science or Core science (use the Trilogy text books) 

This platform can also be used by teachers to set homework questions on from the textbook and tests from the units in the textbooks. 

Each student can log into Collins Connect by using the school postcode, LU2 7AE, their date of birth, year group and the first letter of their surname – there was a guide of how to do this on the old website.  Once they have logged the first time they set up their own password.  Every year group, apart from year 7, should be able to do this already as they have been shown previously. 

New students should ask their science teachers and year 7 are currently not on the system but are going to be uploaded onto it soon. 


All year 11 students are able to access this revision resource.  It is a quiz based app that sets targets for the students and they have to meet at least 4/7 of these targets a week as the majority of their science homework. 

Teachers are able to monitor usage and all teachers have been asked to chase the students who have still not logged onto it. In past years we have got the groups down to a computer room on a rota for every student to log on but due to Covid this is not feasible this year, so we have had to rely on the students logging on themselves.  Parents are also being updated on their child's usage of Tassomai, as part of the package and a ParentMail has gone out to them to explain this as well as the departments expectation about homework. 

Students log on first with a school code and then set up their own account details with their school email and a password. 

Free Science Lessons

To demonstrate required GCSE practical and revise different parts of the course with their classes.  Each science at GCSE has at least required practical's (Sep Science has 10 per science) that the students are meant to be able to recall, describe and explain. 



BBC Food

Food - A Fact of Life

All Recipes 

BBC Bitesize

Business Studies

Tutor 2 U

One of the leading providers of online resources for business and economic students. They have videos, worksheets, revision guides and workshops to help guide leaners through their business and economic courses.


Used for business studies and economics. Classes will be invited on by the teachers and, then be able to complete an independent set of task taking them through key topics and concepts. Also included are a set of progress tests that leaners can complete and get feedback on their progress.


As the author of the site says “..the website where you can access everything to help you smash your study of Economics”


Jacob Clifford economics videos

BBC Bitesize

Help from the BBC for the AQA Business Studies GCSE




The ever learner 

BBC Bitesize GCSE

BTEC Sport


Anatomy Story

 *Cardinal Newman School takes no responsibility for the content of these websites and a website listed here does not represent an endorsement any services provided.



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