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Welcome to the Art and Design Department

Art and Design aim to encourage and inspire creative expression as well as develop natural abilities and skills. This is achieved by introducing a variety of branches of Art and Design, to offer experiences suitable for every individual. The department provides a learning environment which takes into consideration each student’s needs and abilities, while having high expectations of all. The curriculum is designed to offer challenge, progression and variety.

Across the four disciplines of Art, Textiles, Graphics and Resistant Materials, students learn to create and design to solve genuine, relevant problems within different contexts, all whilst considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

From our two art studios, fully equipped Textiles and Graphics rooms as well as two DT workshops, we try to create an atmosphere of interest and vibrancy by displaying work in every available space, to help show how diverse the subject of Art and Design can be.

We use a variety of materials and ideas to encourage all students to develop their creative skills. For example, one of our classrooms contains our ceramics room which contains our two kilns for the creation of fine pottery and clay work, utilising glazes and finishes to bring their creations to life.

Art and Design staff cover a huge range of topics which involves creating artwork, textile pieces, sculptures, furniture, promotional materials and paintings, all while being inspired by the work of other artists/designers/craftspeople to help inspire our students with their own work. Staff and students are all assisted by our experienced and dedicated Art Technician, Textile Technician and DT Technician.

Our Aims: 

  • Develop and gain confidence in their creative ability and technological capability. 
  • Learn about designers, artists and craftspeople, as well as learn to appreciate, respond to and respect the views of other individuals and cultures. 
  • To develop skills in problem-solving, presentation, organisation, self-discipline, critical analysis, communication and technology. 
  • To improve their visual awareness by developing their observational skills including expressive and technical drawing. 
  • Explore manual dexterity through structured experimentation with a variety of materials and equipment with due regard for health and safety. 
  • Gain awareness of their cultural heritage and an understanding of the importance of art and design in today’s society. 
  • Be prepared for national examinations. 
  • Be given advice on subject choices and career paths, linking to Art and Design.

Meet the Art and Design Technology Department Staff

Mrs K Bignall - Curriculum Leader for Art and Design

Mrs B Kravcova - 
Assistant Curriculum Leader for Art and Design, Teacher of Textiles and Art

Mrs S Smith - Teacher of Art

Mr C Chisunga - Teacher of Resistant Materials

Mr H Khimji - Teacher of Graphic Communications

Ms V Ruault - Teacher of Food and Art

Mr A Ivey - Art Technician

Mrs R Bufano - Textiles Technician

Mr I Dix - Resistant Materials Technician  

Exam Specifications can be found below:

OCR A Level Art & Design (Fine Art)

OCR GCSE Art & Design (Fine Art)

Year 10 OCR Cambridge National Engineering Design

Eduqas GCSE Textiles and Graphic Comms

BTEC FIirst Award L1&2 in Art and Design

Knowledge Books can be found below:

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