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Head of Department - Mr. Stanley Carter

Violin - Mrs. V. Parkes

Cello - Mr. C. Doggett

Woodwind – Miss H. Baker

Brass – Mr. S. Router

Piano – Mr. T. Parkes

Drum Kit – Mr. W. Strachan

Voice – Mrs. E. Fromow

Guitar – Mr R. Abji


The Music department at Cardinal Newman School is an active, thriving and popular area of the school. We produce regular Concerts across the whole age range and support the Spiritual life of the School by providing music for Masses and Liturgies both in and outside of School. We actively take our musical groups into the local community, representing our School in venues which have included Luton Airport and Arndale Shopping Centre. We are proud of our achievements and good working relationships with both Staff and students.

Aims and Objectives

  • To create an environment that encourages enthusiasm, a desire for learning music and achieving success.
  • To provide a musical education for all pupils, irrespective of their gender, race, social class, culture or any special need.
  • To enable pupils to use music as a medium for building confidence, expression and a sense of fulfilment in their wider experiences.
  • To develop personal and social skills, through persistence in practicing and group co-operation in ensembles
  • To foster a sense of responsibility, self-respect and respect for others, leading to a positive contribution to Society.

Music in the Curriculum

In Years 7 & 8, pupils receive a weekly Music lessons of 60 minutes. This covers the elements of music in Year 7, moving into specific styles of World music and music through history from Baroque to the present into Year 8. The elements of music are taught through the activities of performing, composing and listening to music.

In Year 9 pupils receive 3 lessons per fortnight and begin to improve music performance and composition skills in preparation for GCSE Music. During this time, pupils gain experience in Solo and ensemble performing. Music Technology is introduced into composition, with access to our Apple Mac computers, which are equipped with the ‘Garage Band’ music software.

In Years 10 and 11 Pupils now will receive two lessons per week. They will begin the OCR course in Music to GCSE level. This is currently delivered to a small class of around 8 -12 pupils. Candidates are required to perform Solo and as part of an ensemble, compose music in different styles and complete a written listening paper.

There are 5 Areas of Study for GCSE Music;

AoS 1 My Music

AoS 2 Concerto Through Time

AoS 3 Rhythms of the World

AoS 4 Film Music

AoS 5 Conventions of Pop

By the end of Year 11, all performing and composing coursework, as well as a written listening paper will be completed to achieve a qualification in GCSE Music.

Newman Sixth form has offered A level Music and Music Technology, however at present A level Music is not being taught. If enough candidates come forward in the future, the course will be reinstated.

All classes are practical based and pupil feedback shows that they enjoy music lessons.

Extended Curriculum

At Cardinal Newman, we have an exciting range of active groups/clubs that meet throughout the week, at various times before school, during lunch time and after school. These include;

School Orchestra

Junior Choir

Senior Choir

Keyboard Club

Rock Band

Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental tuition is provided by the Luton Music service, along with a team of privately employed music teachers in the following disciplines;

Violin – Cello – Saxophone - Clarinet – Flute – Voice – Guitar - Drum Kit – Trumpet – French Horn - Piano

Year 7 Curriculum

Elements of Music - Rhythm, Pitch, Timbre, Structure, (using pentatonic) Chords and Texture

Year 8 Curriculum

World Music - African, Indian, Gaelic, Spanish, Latin American, Caribbean and Gamelan

History of Music - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Blues, Jazz and Popular Music

Year 9 Curriculum

Term 1 – Solo Performing, Song Writing

Term 2 – Film Music, Group Performing

Term 3 – Theory in Practice, Compositional Techniques

Year 10 Curriculum

Term 1 – (AoS 2) Concerto Through Time (Baroque, Classical and Romantic), (AoS 4) Film Music including Gaming Music

Term 2 – Solo Artist’s 1990 - Present, Rock ‘n’ Roll of the 1950’s – 1960’s

Term 3 – Indian and Punjabi Music, Rock Anthems of the 1970’s – 1980’s

Year 11 Curriculum

Term 1 – African, Central and South American Music, Pop Ballads of the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s

Term 2 – Eastern Mediterranean and Middle eastern Music, Coursework completion (60% of total marks)

Term 3 – Revision for written listening paper (40% of total marks)

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