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Psychology and Sociology

A Level Psychology

Psychology is an exciting and dynamic subject where by pupils are encouraged to think deeply, analytically and scientifically about what makes us who we are and to question the reasoning and explanation for a multitude of human behaviours. There are opportunities to study the classics of Psychology whilst also introducing ongoing debates and topics that continue to fascinate. Pupils will develop a range of practical, intellectual, research and transferable skills including psychological research methods, group working, communication, critical thinking and problem solving.


BTEC Applied Psychology

The Applied Psychology course is focused on developing not only the skills needed for the examination, but it also looks to question and shape pupils’ own ability to interact and think as conscious and engaged citizens. All pupils engage in working with both theoretical and experimental approaches and will gain the skills to source, use and interpret information and design experiments and this allows them to test their accuracy and love of empirical enquiry.


A Level Sociology

Sociology is a subject that by its nature requires pupils to consider spiritual, moral and cultural issues that face modern society such as those linked to gender, ethnicity, sexuality and class. There is also a growing focus on the impact of globalisation at international, national and local levels so an interest in current affairs is beneficial when studying Sociology. Studying this subject will foster development of critical and reflective thinking with a respect for social diversity.


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