Cardinal Newman Testimonials

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Student Safety

It has been reported to the school that two of our Y11 students were mugged at knife point on the way home from school yesterday (Tuesday 27 November).  One incident took place near the Black Swan Pub, the other near Leagrave Park.  Both students had phones, watches and money stolen.  The police are currently investigating both incidents.  Can parents please ask students to walk in groups if at all possible. 


On Friday (9th November 2018), a student was approached at a bus stop on Ravenhill Way by a stranger in a car. The same car has approached another student this morning at a bus stop on Pastures Way.
A burgundy, old style BMW, driven by a black middle-aged man, of stocky build wearing a hi-vis jacket asked if the student wanted a lift. The man was quite persistent and asked more than once.
The police have been informed about both incidents and have a description of the car and the driver.
Students have been informed today but please speak with your child and ensure they stay vigilant at all times, especially if they use any of the bus stops in the vicinity of Pastures Way and Ravenhill Way.

This morning (Thursday 15 November) on Ravenhill Way at one of the bus stops (at the top not by the NISA shop), two students were made to feel very uncomfortable by a man, ‘who was staring at them and looked at them a few times’.  He was sitting in a small white van that was parked on the pavement and he was wearing dark working clothes and grey adidas track suit bottoms.  He had dark skin but was not black.  He was smoking a cigarette.  The van did have some sign writing on the back, but the details of this were not noted. 

Once again please ask your children to be vigilant, and if at all possible walk with friends.

This incident has been reported to the police.