Cardinal Newman Testimonials

A good education for students including their personal development & academic achievement. Ofsted 2013



The curriculum on offer at Cardinal Newman School has been organised to include not only knowledge and skills but also to develop the attitudes, beliefs and values which come from the relationships in the school community.

Our curriculum is pupil-centred, striving for academic excellent in GCSE, AS, A-Level and Vocational qualifications, while at the same time enabling each pupil to realise his/her full potential by developing their interests and talents within a balanced and diverse programme.

The curriculum is designed with three main principles in mind:

  • Choice - we believe students thrive when they have a combination of courses they find challenging and interesting.
  • Stretch & challenge - we offer a range of courses that offer additional challenge or support as appropriate to different groups of students.  
  • Progression –students in year 7 start a journey that prepares them for advanced study later in school life, and the curriculum is designed to secure good progression towards that.

Throughout the school and at all key stages, pupils experience a wide variety of learning and teaching approaches, including active learning, group work, practical and experimental activities, project work and fieldwork.

It is our aim that every child leaves Cardinal Newman School with the skills, qualifications and aspirations needed to become valuable members of society.

Religious Education & Spiritual Development
As a Catholic school, the RE curriculum offers opportunities for spiritual development in accordance with the doctrines, rites and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. All students study RE from years 7 to 13.

PSHE forms part of the core curriculum accessed by all students throughout years 7-13. Students receive one 40 minute lesson each week. The curriculum is broadly based, balanced and meets the needs of all students, promoting their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development. The core themes are revisited throughout Key Stages 3 and 4 as part of our spiralling curriculum and students are given regular opportunities to develop and consolidate their knowledge.

To view the PSHE Scheme of Learning for Years 7-11, please click here

Citizenship Education helps to develop social and moral responsibility, community involvement and political literacy. 'Active Citizenship' is encouraged across the whole school, with students' actively participating in citizenship activities. Assessment at Key Stage 3 & 4 is recorded and formally reported to parents / guardians at the end of the year.

Fundamental British Values
The department for Education have reinforces the need "to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs." The government set out its definition of British Values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy, and these values are an integral part of our school ethos. At Cardinal Newman Catholic School these values are reinforced regularly throughout school and in our curriculum. They are particularly present in our inclusive PSHE programmes and our RE curriculum that promote tolerance, justice, inclusion, love and service. They are present in the school's commitment to supporting the wider community, our deep partnership with other schools, our rigorous behaviour management procedures and out diverse assembly programme that challenges all students to live their lives in accordance with both Christian and British Values.

Information Advice and Guidance
Effectively preparing pupils for the next stage in their learning is essential. Cardinal Newman Catholic School have a dedicated support team to work with pupils throughout their education. This involves academic, pastoral and careers support to ensure that all pupils are fully prepared to progress onto the next stage in their lives. Throughout each Key Stage, students are being prepared for the next stage in their learning. Students have dedicated Careers, Citizenship and Enterprise sessions in addition to a wide range of Work Related Learning activities. All students in year 10 also have a week placement of work experience which is designed to give students an insight into the routines, problems and challenges in the workplace. Where possible, work experience is specific to a student's vocational option.

The following breaks down the curriculum into key stages. We would also recommend attending the parental information evenings where the curriculum and any changes are explained in more detail.

Year 7 - 20th September

Year 10 -27th September

Year 12 - 13th September

Please contact the school at for any curriculum enquiries.

The curriculum is divided into 3 Key Stages. There have been significant changes to the curriculum and the assessment and qualification process at all key stages. For specific information on each key stage, click on the relevant link.




Our School Day
The curriculum is designed to ensure all students experience a broad and balanced education. We currently operate a two week timetable. This enables us to allocate sufficient curriculum opportunity to develop skills in a wide range of subjects. The nature of the school day has evolved to maximise the opportunity for learning and enable active lessons.

To see our term dates and school day please click on the following link Term Dates and School Day

Curriculum Overview
There are 40x80 minute lessons per fortnight. The curriculum has been allocated to ensure there is sufficient time to meet the requirements for each subject.

Review of the Curriculum

The school curriculum at all key stages is kept under constant review by the Senior Leadership Team and subject leaders. Changes made to the curriculum are made in line with Government led initiatives but are based on the needs and aspirations of all our students. We work closely with local and national employers to ensure our curriculum is providing the skills and qualifications required for our every changing society.