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Homework Knowledge Books

Welcome to our new Knowledge Books!

Staff at Cardinal Newman have been working to provide you with a Knowledge Book that contains everything you need to know for each subject for each year group.  The books at the start of the year will be developed as we go through the year to add the content that will be needed later in the academic year. 

The idea of the Knowledge Book is simple: students need to know what is in the Knowledge Book in order to succeed in each year group.  Each week, Homework tasks will make use of these Knowledge Books and students will be expected to learn the content in great detail.  It may seem obvious, but if a student does not know very much they will have very little to write about when it comes to an exam and that will affect their progress.

What should students do?

Follow the instructions on Showmyhomework that will guide you through the Knowledge Book.  You are likely to be tested on your knowledge of these books, so get revising!

What should parents / carers do?
You told us you wanted text books and this is what we have created in response.  Please ensure your child really does learn the content in these books.  They will be set homework on sections each week and will be expected to really know the content  - you can see this yourself on Showmyhomework.  So test your child, read through with your child, ask questions about the content, ask them about the things they did in class that might help them remember in more detail.  Above all, talk to your child and take a really keen interest in what they are doing with this knowledge.

If you child knows this content and can recall it in their mid-year and end of year exams, it is likely your child will do really well as they progress through the year.

Finally, if your child tells you they have no homework you now have the perfect response!  They can spend time revising any one of the Knowledge Books for their year group!