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A good education for students including their personal development & academic achievement. Ofsted 2013


Parents & Carers

We would like to welcome parents and carers to our school website.

A quality partnership with parents and carers is vital to the success of the students and young people in our care.  In this section of our website you will find links to key information you will need to help guide you as you seek to support your child.

In addition to helpful contact information we have placed information about safeguarding on the front page of this section.  These issues are very rare thanks to our excellent procedures, our commitment to care and our shared ethos.  They are placed on this page to ensure that any parent / carer with any concern whatsoever is able to find the information they need with great ease.


i.  Child protection:

The school's first responsibility is to keep all children safe and we can only do this with your full support and cooperation.  If you have any concerns about the wellbeing or safety of any child in our care I would ask that you contact the school's Child Protection Officer immediately: contact information

Parents / carers can find more details on how we keep children and young people safe in our child protection and safeguarding policy.

ii.  Anti-bullying:

Thanks to our robust, zero tolerance approach to bullying we have very few problems with regard to bullying.  We are ever-vigilant and will respond swiftly, carefully and thoroughly to address any issue that comes to light.  If you have any concern whatsoever that your child or any child might be at risk of bullying please contact the appropriate Head of Year:

Head of Year 7: Mr M Forni

Head of Year 8: Miss V Townsend

Head of Year 9: Mr J Piotrowski

Head of Year 10: Mr P Gale

Head of Year 11: Miss E McGirr

Head of Sixth Form: Miss S Blackbird

To contact the Head of Year please click here

Parents / carers can see more about our anti-bullying procedures and other policies in the Policy section of our website.

Parent voice:

The school is constantly seeking active engagement from parents and carers as we seek to improve all that we do.  If you would like to be part of our Headteacher's Forum or would like to be part of the Friends of Newman (our PTA), please contact Mrs Aizlewood.  You would be very welcome.

Had a missed call from Cardinal Newman?

The school has many extension numbers from various departments across the school.

If you do receive a call from us the Medical Staff, teacher or staff member should have left a message on your voicemail with their name, a direct number and what the call was regarding.

If this is not the case, we will endeavour to help as best we can.

Text Messages

If you receive a text message from the school please do not reply.  Please contact the school by telephone asking for the staff member who sent the message. Messages are usually only 160 characters including spaces so the information presented will be very concise.

Parent Services

We have a team of two Parent Services Receptionists who will be able to help with any query not answered on this site and also assist you in communicating with members of the teaching staff who are sometimes difficult to speak to during lessons.  Mrs Swan or Mrs Aizlewood are available during term time between 8am and 5pm on the main school switchboard 01582 597125 or via email

Parent / carer / visitor contact with school: school expectations

As a school we do our utmost to ensure that care for students is of the highest quality in all that we do.

There are times however, as with all schools, when a student might be left feeling upset by the events of the day and this can be very distressing for parents too. On these occasions it is important that we respond swiftly, carefully and fairly.  The school has excellent procedures to ensure that we do respond effectively and this has been recognised by a number of external agencies.

Please familiarise yourself with our Behaviour Expectations Policy for Parents, Carers and Visitors before you visit the school.

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