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Photography & Marketing Activities

*For information about the annual school portraits* please click here

Or click here regarding what happens next for ordering your photographs.

If you miss the deadline date to send off your orders you must go to and have your reference number that came with your proof to hand.

If you do not have your proof:

  1. Contact the school 01582 597 125
  2. You will need to provide the student's name and year group
  3. We will then need to find your unique customer service number, please allow up to 24 hours
  4. You can then use this number on the Tempest website above to order your photographs to be delivered to your home address.

Please note: That if you send your photograph orders via the school free of charge you are aware and agree that you do so at your own risk. The school will not accept any responsiblity for loss and/or damage to orders.
We strongly advise that you consider the photography company's extra £4 charge for peace of mind.

How we use photography in school

Throughout the school year we take photographs of our students to celebrate their achievements and successes.

We  mainly use photographs in the Year book in Year 11, end of term assemblies and to show examples of good practice around the school but sometimes we really enjoy sharing our success with the community through the local press, our Facebook and Twitter pages and also our premier newsletter Newman News.

Be rest assured that these photos are only used for positive reasons.

The school has a highly active website, social media accounts and relationship with the local press where we celebrate student achievement and celebrate the school using photographs which allows the community to share our success.

The students really do enjoy seeing their photos on display and in Newman News but unfortunately we are living in ever changing times so as a school we ensure we safeguard our students whilst being able to document their successes.

To do this we like to ensure that any pictures we use publicily, especially on our website and social media accounts, meet many or all of the following criteria;

  • Avoid using the full names of students in captions.
  • Avoid any names if the picture could point to a specific location other than the school itself.
  • The pupil is appropriately dressed in the correct school uniform
  • There is parental consent for the photographs to be taken and displayed using the data provided from you in the start of term pack.
  • The student has given their own permission to use their picture and is aware of where it will be used.

It is highly important that you inform the school and our Marketing & PR Officer if you do not wish for your child’s photograph to be used in any digital or printed press or publications.

If you have any concerns or questions surrounding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the school.