Cardinal Newman Testimonials

A good education for students including their personal development & academic achievement. Ofsted 2013


Social Media

We are pleased to announce that we are on Facebook and Twitter!

The school uses its social networks to share updates, provide direction to a specific section of the website and also share photographs and work created in school!

It is well worth signing up to Twitter and/or Facebook or asking your child to follow us as we may post updates and information on our wall or Twitter feed rather than email and text messaging.

A few polite Terms and Conditions
Our aim with social media is to be a positive and helpful tool for parents, providing updates and sharing our progress and students' achievements.

For data protection please do not use our social media networks as a platform to share or voice your concerns regarding any students or staff at the school. Facebook and Twitter are not managed by Teaching staff or members of the Senior Leadership Team so please contact us through our traditional channels.
Any posts of an unsuitable nature will be recorded and then deleted.

We are more than happy to assist you with any concerns so please use the traditional channels of email, telephone and post to contact the school with your enquiries and concerns.

Thank you