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Sponsored Walk

Each year Cardinal Newman students and staff complete a 5km walk around the beautiful local countryside behind the school to raise money for a charity that the pupils nominate themselves.

The Sponsored Walk is a long standing tradition here at Cardinal Newman and we are enormously proud that every year it is met with great enthusiasm from supporters helping to raise huge amounts of money for charity.

The day of the walk will be non-uniform day and all students are strongly encouraged to dress sensibly with appropriate shoes for a 5km walk in the countryside.

The route will be wet and muddy in places so please follow these tips from Mrs Slawinski:

  • we strongly advise students do not wear their best new clothes on this day
  • Students with inhalers must bring them on the walk 
  • bring a change of shoes for the walk
  • a carrier bag to place them in after the walk
  • a rain proof coat, with a hood if possible, is advised in case of light rain during the walk.
  • Bottles of water are encouraged but ..
  • do not litter at all on the route
  • equipment and books for a full day of school for that day's lessons if the weather is not suitable

Each year group is supported by up to 21 staff and marsalled at key checkpoints along the entire route.

The school times for buses are unaffected.

During the walk we are representing our school to the school and we like to maintain our high level of courtesy and respect towards our neighbours so poor behaviour will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your continued support each and every year.