Cardinal Newman Testimonials

A good education for students including their personal development & academic achievement. Ofsted 2013


Staff Contact Details

To contact the Head of Year please email or telephone the Head of Year office. Please ensure you leave a clear voicemail message that includes:

  • Your child's name
  • A brief overview of what you would like to discuss (to allow them time to prepare)
  • A contact telephone number


Head of Y7 / RE

Mr M Forni

01582 587 529

Senior Teacher Link / Science

Miss C Daly

7W Tutor / Maths

Mrs S Streater

7H Tutor / English

Mrs J Pratten

7M Tutor / Maths

Miss N Adzih

7V Tutor / English

Miss A Dowdeswell


7A Tutor / English

Miss K Burr

7G Tutor / Business Studies

Mrs L Peters

7GR Tutor / Drama

Mr L Mulholland

7HE Tutor / English

Mr A Smailes

7HU Tutor / Computer Science

Mr M Aruna


Head of Y8 / RE

Miss V Townsend

01582 587 518

Senior Teacher Link / PE

Mrs K Slawinski

8W Tutor / English

Mrs J Grant

8H Tutor / Science

Miss M Aghedo

8M Tutor / History

Miss S Keane

8V Tutor / Science

Miss S Barrett

8A Tutor / PE

Mr J Emmett

8G Tutor / English

Mrs L Nicholls

8GR Tutor / Maths

Mr M Ngonga

8HE Tutor / English

Mrs T Okusanya

8HU Tutor / Maths

Mr K Thaker

8B Tutor / Science

Miss K Fahy


Head of Y9 / PE

Mr J Piotrowski

01582 587 516

Senior Teacher Link / Psychology

Mrs H Fay

9W Tutor / English

Miss E Fealy

9H Tutor / English

Mr N Garvey

9M Tutor / PE

Mrs Z Gazeley

9V Tutor / Science

Miss S McSweeney

9A Tutor / Business Studies

Mr J Kabera

9G Tutor / Science

Mrs L McGowan


9G Tutor / Maths

Mr X Zhang

9GR Tutor / Maths

Mr A Paparam


9HE Tutor / Maths

Mrs T Bennett

9HU Tutor / Science

Mrs R Bailey

9B Tutor / History

Mr T Kirby


Head of Y10 / PE

Mr P Gale

01582 587 520

Senior Teacher Link / History

Mr J Tucker

Deputy Headteacher / Maths Mr D Martin

10W Tutor / Maths

Mrs N Anwar

10H Tutor / Art & Design

Miss A Edwards

10M Tutor / Science

Mrs F Shah

10V Tutor / Maths

Mr J Miah

10A Tutor / Health & Social Care

Mrs M Burns


10G Tutor / PE

Miss C Murphy

10G Tutor /


Mrs N Gilmartin

10GR Tutor / Art & Design

Ms V Ruault

10HE Tutor / Geography

Dr C Ellis

10HE Tutor / Business Studies

Mr D Manning

10B Tutor / Science

Miss C Jenkins



Head of Y11 / RE

Miss E McGirr

01582 587 526

Senior Teacher Link / PE

Mr G Billington

11W Tutor / Art & Design

Miss S Smith

11H Tutor / English

Mrs D McFarlane


11M Tutor / Maths

Mr H Fanyo

11V Tutor / Science

Miss C Cotter

11G Tutor / Art & Design

Mrs B Krakova

 11G Tutor /   ICT

Mrs A Sulthana

 11G Tutor /  Geography

Mrs F Archer

 11GR Tutor /  RE/MFL

Mr Karsten Wille

 11HE Tutor /  English

 Mr S Bingham

 11HE Tutor / Science

Miss P McKetty

Head of Department

English Mr G Ritchie
Science Mrs G Young
Art & Design Mrs K Bignall
Geography Mr M Brockway

History Mrs E Thoulass
Food Technology Mrs G Pettigrew
Computer Science Mr K Govender
Modern Foreign Languages Mr Y Le Coguic
Music Mr S Carter

Mrs L Wigley
Drama Mrs D Deveney
RE Mr L Makokha (Acting HOD)
Media Studies Miss H Roberts
PE Mrs D Large
Psychology & Sociology Miss U Makwana
Business, Law, Accounting, Economics & Law Mr P Hegarty