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A good education for students including their personal development & academic achievement. Ofsted 2013


Student Parliament

Student Voice at Cardinal Newman is made up of several different groups.

The School Council is made up of one boy and girl form every year who meet as a year council each week 1 and as a Cabinet (year leaders) each week 2.  Once each half term the entire council comes together in a school Parliament.
For information please contact the school and ask for Stephanie Barrett.

Cardinal Newman School Parliament

The School Council comprises of the School Parliament and the School Council Cabinet.

The School Parliament is made up of 100 members, 88 elected members, 10 seconded members and 2 honorary members.

80 members are elected via form group elections in years 7 to 11. There are to be two members per form, with a positively discriminatory Boy and Girl ratio. This will mean up to 8 boys and 8 girls per year group.

The school has a large year 11 Prefect base of almost 80 students.  This group also includes the Head Boy and the Head Girl. The Head Boy and Head Girl are awarded honorary Parliament status, but without financial voting rights.  There is also a group of 14 elected Prefect members.  The final group are a group of up to ten students to be seconded from the Sixth Form Executive Committee.

The 100 strong Parliament will elect a School Council Cabinet. This core group will consist of 12 students, 10 elected by the Parliament and the Head Boy and Head Girl. This Cabinet will include the roles of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Cabinet Whip and Clark.  The Parliament will also elect a Speaker, a Master at Arms and Parliament Clerk.  Each year group will be responsible for electing their Year Leader, Vice Leader and Year Whip.

All back benchers (except seconded Sixth Form students) will have the opportunity to put forward bills and initiatives.  They will have full voting rights on finance and all bills.

You can view a short introductory video below.

Teachers for Tomorrow

This is a group that is focused around current sixth form students who have an interest in becoming teachers in the future, whether it is in the secondary or primary education sector. Students are teamed with teachers in a subject that they have an interest in teaching. They slowly build up their experience over the year to take a lesson and to complete an action research project on the developments in their practice. We are aiming to connect with eh University of Bedfordshire to develop this course further.
For information please contact: Ms M Drewry