Newman Sixth Chamber

The Chamber is our Student Voice in the Sixth Form, but they are so much more! This group of very talented, dedicated and motivated young adults are integral to enhancing the teaching and learning, well-being, aspirations and enrichment of students in our college. The Chamber’s motto is ‘Hope, Progress, Change’.

Newman Sixth Chamber

Meet some of our Chamber members:

Hello all! I’m Ibukun – your Chamber president for this year. As an external student, I wanted this role to feel as if I played a bigger part within our Sixth Form community, as well as wanting to provide an easier, more enjoyable environment for my peers. Going forwards, I’m hoping to coordinate a number of events for both Year 12 and 13, for example ice skating at Christmas, bowling around Easter, and a fantastic leaver’s event for Year 13 to conclude our time at Newman Sixth.

Hello, my name is Andrew. I love working with my fellow classmates to find ways that we can improve the Sixth Form experience for all and ensure you enjoy the next two years at Newman Sixth. Whilst there are many aspects of the Sixth Form that I love, I feel that, along with many others, there are still areas of improvement that are needed, and that is why I applied for the post of Vice President. I want to and am going to represent the needs of the students that I serve in my post, because that is what positions of leadership are, acts of service towards others, just as Christ served others. My first plans as Vice President would obviously be to assist the President in any plans she may have. However, in terms of my own plans I desire to have greater student voice in quality of education via regular questionnaires on how students feel about the way their subjects are being taught. Further, I would like to create a more democratic election process for the President, so that students can feel more represented. Overall, I am honoured to be Vice President of the Newman Chamber and hope to serve you in every way possible! 

I am Francesca! I study History, English Literature, and Art. I feel privileged to have been selected to carry out this role and I am eager to commence my work with staff and students to ensure Newman 6th students are excited about coming to a hard-working environment to learn and explore their subjects! I have an ardour for learning, and I want to help improve the sixth form so that my desire to work is reciprocated by more students so that we all have the opportunity to achieve our full potential! My first priority shall be the improvement of super-curricular and extra-curricular through a tutoring system (Year 13’s mentoring Year 12’s/Year 7-11, and Year 12 and 13 mentoring Year 7-11) as I am History Ambassador and want to inspire other sixth formers to be mentors too! This will improve their ability to talk about subjects in an academic manner and help younger students to understand and enjoy their subjects. We will also be guiding sixth formers to find other academic sources to enhance knowledge and skills in their subjects! Additionally, I will liaise with staff on folders so that subjects communicate how they advise students to organise their folders, and make it clear when folder checks are done. I am very excited, and I hope to make Newman 6th’s learning environment happy and enjoyable!

Newman Sixth ChamberMy name is Angela and I'm a Year 13 student currently studying A-Levels in Maths, Physics and English Language. I'm currently aiming to study International Management at University, and so undertaking this role has given me a good opportunity to experience what it's like being a collaborative team leader for the whole school. As one of the oldest, I want to help younger students create a memorable time at Newman and encourage them to get more involved within the community. There is a life outside academics, and I believe it's my responsibility to give students more to look forward to within the school.

My name is Adam and I currently study Applied Business and Finance, having taken A-Level Polish a year early. I am a passionate and hardworking individual and I always strive to achieve the very best in all that I do. I want to make a positive impact on the Sixth form, celebrating students’ successes and achievements both academically and extra-curricular, as well as ensuring students are well equipped for their next step whether that be a first job, apprenticeship, or university. My number one priority as lead for Careers and Achievement will be to create and produce a newsletter, which I will adapt, change, and modify each week, featuring a new subject and a new set of student achievements. In the immediate term, I will be sourcing key information regarding apprenticeships and universities, to enable students to make as informed decisions as possible.

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