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How parents can help their teens at home (Y10-Y13)

Examination time always comes round quicker than students expect, so it’s never too early for them to start getting into some good revision habits, alongside their usual homework. Most revision takes place at home, and whilst parents can’t revise for their teens, there are lots of ways they can help them at home to increase their chance of success and put them on a path to lifelong healthy habits.

This includes setting up the right routines, supporting their teen’s mental and physical wellbeing, checking what they know and helping them remember things, and providing the right homelife so that they can be at their most alert, healthy and resilient. Not all parents are aware how much impact homelife has on students’ success at school, so we’ve focused in on key areas in The Parents’ Guide to Homelife and exam revision – GCSE or The Parents’ Guide to Homelife and exam revision – sixth form (free to school members).

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The Parents’ Guide, to provide parents with the information they need to help their teenager make the right choices to create successful futures after GCSE and Sixth form

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