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Special Educational Needs

Your right hand has supported me; your help has made me great.

Psalm 18:35

curriculum intent

As pupils with SEND move through the school they are supported to grow, flourish and become independent.  Clear targets, and pathways, both in their curriculum choices and transitions into further education are discussed with all stakeholders to ensure each pupil has clear aspirations and goals.  The SEND team support pupils to develop the social and emotionally skills to be able to overcome adversity, to engage in lifelong learning to achieve their future aims. 

We aim:

  • To provide pupils with time and space to discover their strengths and weaknesses, and to celebrate and challenge these respectively. To develop confidence in their own abilities. 
  • To provide a secure base from which to develop the confidence to explore their interests and face their fears. 
  • To provide access to TAs who are able to break down and simplify work set by class teachers to provide scaffolding appropriate to their academic level. 
  • To provide assistance to overcome physical and developmental disabilities, allowing them to fully partake in lessons, e.g. readers, scribes, help with practical activities. 
  • For pupils to be able to keep themselves safe 
  • For pupils to develop skills suitable for the work place. 
  • For pupils to be able to achieve qualifications suitable to their needs 
  • For pupils to experience an element of success and praise. 
  • For pupils to gain appropriate social skills and coping strategies to be able to fully integrate into a community. 
  • For pupils to develop life skills to live an independent life. 
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