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Tous furent remplis d’Esprit Saint: ils se mirent à parler en d’autres langues, et chacun s’exprimait selon le don de l’Esprit.

Actes 2:4

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages, as the Spirit gave them ability.

Acts 2:4

curriculum intent

As important as grammar and vocabulary can be, together they only form the tip of the iceberg in MFL. The way a foreign language sounds, the way it enables others to describe the world around them, the way it reflects or even shapes one’s culture, all of it  helps us understand that other way of  life. Ultimately, our department will ready students for a successful outcome at GCSE, but hopefully it will also prepare them for an even greater beyond. Our Erasmus partnership with France means that students are offered a chance to really communicate with students their own age from a different country, an opportunity to experience those differences that make us all richer, in the end paving the way to a potential of further European interaction. Students will achieve different levels of fluency. We cannot ignore that just as it takes time to learn to play the piano, so does it to learn a foreign language. Much practice, repetition and dedication will be needed for those willing to take advantage of the full benefits. Studying Modern Foreign Languages will enhance students’ problem solving capability, it will widen their horizon as well as increase their marketability in the world of work. 

curriculum overview: french


curriculum overview: polish


curriculum overview: german


Our department have ambitious expectations.

Y7 students will discover Habits of Expression that will enable them to go beyond the bare essential and to secure fluency, accuracy and confidence.

Habits of Expression are at the heart of our department philosophy, focusing on the hinges of the language and their typicality which in turn enables students to be more accurate, more fluent and more creative over time in any given topic.

Themes become increasingly more social and political as we move towards GCSE.

There are 4 skills in Modern Foreign Languages: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

All 4 skills are equally important at GCSE covering themes at KS4 that support active citizenship and world views in order to ready students for more mature reflexion as they embark on their KS5 courses.

We are proud to be able to reintroduce German in September 2021. Currently almost every one studies French at Ks3 and will carry on with French at GCSE. From September 2021, German will be offered to 4 classes in Y7 when French will be offered to 5 classes. Please note that students will have to carry on with the language they started in Y7 at GCSE.

Students studying French will also be offered further opportunities to use language skills in context through our partnership with a French secondary school. We are aiming to offer similar opportunities to students studying German very soon. Trips to France and Germany, as well as authentic exchanges, will be encouraged and organised on their behalf.

Trips will indeed give students an opportunity to test themselves in a real life situation, deepening their understanding of the world and furthering their interest for the subject.

Watching movies in foreign languages is another way of exposing students to a greater cultural variety. All movies selected are promoting positive values (les choristes – la famille Belier – le petit Nicolas – intouchable – the miracle of Bern – the tunnel – run lola – Sophie Scholl) or will be a great vehicle for humour (tais toi – lucky luke – les chtis – les visiteurs) in turn nurturing the interest students may have already developed for the subject.

Knowledge Books can be found below: 

Year 7 French - Advent

Year 7 French - Lent

Year 7 French - Summer

Year 7 German

Year 8 French

Year 9 French

Exam Specifications can be found below:

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